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Reddit LAN messenger for Windows 10. Download for free.

29 Oct 2020

Reddit LAN messenger review >>>

Download LAN messenger: https://www.pc-messaging.com/download.html

Even when working in the same office, an instant messaging system can be useful. Exchange information quickly, discuss without disturbing colleagues and quickly send information that is difficult to communicate by voice. In addition, you may still be distant, perhaps even on different floors to avoid Coronavirus Covid 19 threats. Normal instant messengers are frowned upon by network administrators because they represent a loophole from which confidential information can leak. Moreover, it is often happened that external contacts (friends, relatives and other acquaintances) will distract workers from their work. Realpopup LAN chat is an messaging application that implements a serverless instant messaging system, limited to users connected to the same local network. It is the ideal solution to take advantage of the power and convenience of instant messengers in a professional environment, without the disadvantages and dangers of adopting them.

Using LAN messenger is very simple: just download the archive from here, unpack it and start the setup file. A specific server installation is not necessary. In the initial window you need to enter a username and create a group to join (useful, in particular, for larger companies). Just click the Sign In button to go online and connect to all other active users. Selecting the Tools/Settings menu item will take you to the settings window, where you can enter additional personal data, such as a phrase and an image to be associated with the account or an e-mail address. An option on the General tab allows you to start the program together with the operating system, so that you are always online. There are, of course, some functions that are now common in messaging software: for example, exchanging files or setting the status.

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lDI7k0M8hE

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