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Killer Wave | 2020 | Full Movie | Part 1

29 Feb 2020

***This film is under license from Sonar Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved***

PART 2 is here! - https://youtu.be/wq6JfzYRE-I
Killer Wave Part 1 - Suddenly the US east coast is hit by a type of natural disaster formerly reserved, except after a major earthquake, for the Pacific and Indian ocean rims: tidal waves of the destructive tsunami type. Scientist and fiction author John McAdams attends a national emergency conference which concludes the phenomenon must be man-made, quite possibly abusing the findings of John's secret former Sea Lion project, but who wants to and has the means? Indeed John soon finds himself set-up for a murder and chased. Major destructions mean major contracts for construction and coastal defenses, so building tycoons like Victor Bannister certainly have a considerable interest...

Year: 2007
Cast: Angus MacFadyen, Karine Vanasse, Louis-Philippe Dandenault, John Robinson, Tom Skerritt, Stephen McHattie, Ellen David
Genres: Action, Adventure, Disaster, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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