How To Build Tastier Drum Fills

29 Feb 2020

Your drumming goals start HERE:

Stephane Chamberland is an accomplished drummer and educator (who has co-authored several incredible books with Dom Famularo). We had no choice but to get him into the Drumeo studio for a full lesson about working with note groupings and subdivisions, tips for stick control and ghost notes, building cool fills with rolls, and much more (including some ideas that might fuel your guilty pleasure fills). You don’t want to miss this one!

Lesson Index
0:00 – SONG: “Grand Prix” by Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet
5:40 – Introduction
8:10 – Groupings and subdivisions
13:44 – Ghost notes and hand technique
26:10 – Using rolls and accents for fill ideas
38:28 – SONG: “Mirror” by Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet

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