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Best productivity apps for an office. Latest 2020 list.

28 Oct 2020

Get the updated list here:

1. Realpopup https://matro.it
2. Google Docs: https://play.google.com/store/....apps/details?id=com.
3. Todoist https://play.google.com/store/....apps/details?id=com.

To-do list in notes doesn't always help, and it's almost impossible to keep all the tasks in mind. There are applications that allow you to visually plan your day, week, month, introduce new habits, analyze results, and finally find time to relax. T&R made a selection of 10 convenient applications for effective time management.

The app with game elements allows you to keep motivated when you reach goals and at the same time prioritize tasks and track their completion. The user is awarded points for completed tasks and fined for unclosed tasks. If you want to start a new habit, such as learning 5 new words a day or walking for 30 to 40 minutes, this app will help you track your progress.

This app allows you to track how much time it takes to complete certain projects and tasks. Thanks to the app, you can finally recognize the "killers" of time, find Windows for the desired rest. You can track this using charts and graphs.

Constantly distracted by your phone and can't focus on important tasks? This app will allow you to focus. Leave it open for 30 minutes, during which time the tree should grow, if you take the phone-the plant dies.

The app allows you to divide the work process into equal intervals and alternate with breaks: for example, 30 minutes to complete a task, 7 minutes to rest. This allows you to focus on your current tasks without getting tired. Promotodo is a kind of timer that allows you to build a personal work schedule and redistribute the load.

A modern task Manager that allows you to record and plan tasks, as well as monitor progress. Todoist also helps you form strong habits. For example, you recorded "go for a run every day at 9 am" and automatically created a task in the "Sports" project with a regular reminder "every day at 8 am".

Focus List
This tool helps you plan and prioritize tasks, evaluate your own productivity, and stay focused. You can plan your vacation ahead of time and track your progress on a weekly or monthly basis and how close you are to your long-term goal.

The app has a minimalistic interface that helps you separate projects and plan your time. On a white canvas, you can write with a pen, draw with markers, and attach "stickers" for reminders. Thanks to the sharing feature, you can discuss ideas with someone and develop them.

The organizer of your life allows you to distribute tasks by day, week, and overall see the agenda. You can not only plan for the future, but also analyze what you have completed and what you did not have time to do. Users can access calendars, timelines, and "team feed" - a news feed for group projects and discussions.

This app is not just a to-do list with daily tasks, but also a controller of your time. Focuster helps you eliminate distractions by helping you set priorities. With automatic schedule changes, priorities are updated instantly. Reminders allow you to focus throughout the day. The app is suitable for both individual and group work.

This app is suitable for those who are constantly generating ideas and need to visualize and organize them. Create a project map and attach notes and images to it, create diagrams and color them, sync with DropBox and convert everything to PDF.

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