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Best LAN messenger 2020 for Windows 10. Download guide.

01 Nov 2020

Official page LAN chat: https://lancetchat.com

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz5XKx4WVQE

Main features of LAN Messenger that you would like to read.
Softros LAN Messenger is a LAN instant messaging application that is designed for safe, private and effective communication in the office environment.

Best of all, it does not require any type of server to operate and is very easy to install. This messenger includes a variety of features including PC-to-PC messaging, broadcast messaging to notify only selected individuals about an event, group LAN chat rooms, and the latest is drag and drop file transfer, which will help you exchange files and folders between staff members.

All messages and files exchanged by users are highly encrypted and never leave your local office network. This type of security ensures that no unauthorized person can read your private conversation or, in any case, access your incoming data.

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